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 Rob johnson-pro triathlete

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PostSubject: Rob johnson-pro triathlete   Rob johnson-pro triathlete EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 1:13 pm

Yesterday(sat 17/07/10) myself, elsie and jaffa met at holme pierrepont to recce the bike and run route of the Outlaw ironman course which is to be raced on 8/8/10.

Approx 20miles into the bike route we stopped to check maps and make sure we were on the correct route.As we checked a bloke cycled up,stopped and asked if we were ok?we explained what we were doing etc and he said he would show us where we needed to be and that he would cycle some of the course with us as he knew it.

He showed us where we needed to be and said he knew the route and would happily explain the turn points and places to watch etc.He cycled almost an entire lap with us and gave some top tips.He chatted away and was genuinely interested in us our training and the race.

One thing led to anoher and this man turned out to be a very humble pro triathlete named Rob johnson.He was obviously out training but had the time and want to spend time with us age group athletes in a genuine attempt to impart his enthusiasm for the race/course and sport of triathlon.

A brilliant part to our day and i would urge people interested to look him up.Google "Rob johnson pro traithlete" and it instantly gives an insight into interviews and race results from Rob over the last few years.

I know triathlon has a history of Pro athletes being more approachable than perhaps in many sports but this was a fantastic way of a pro triathlete taking time out from his training schedule(bike training prior to ironman canada) to take and spend time with 3 age groupers hacking their way round the outlaw bike course

Great day and really nice bloke.Hope his tips work in august ha ha

As always very refreshing

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PostSubject: Re: Rob johnson-pro triathlete   Rob johnson-pro triathlete EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 2:42 am

Hi Jez, I can second your sentiments there, Rob's a really nice bloke and I'm well grateful that he could spare time to show us round the course. He must also have a good eye for the weather because he departed to cycle away from the impending rain storm while the three of us cycled straight into it!!! Anyway I wish him well in Canada and I hope he gets to the top echelon of Iron distance triathlon.

I'm ooking forward to the Outlaw in the 8th, though I seem to be acquiring new injuries daily - I guess the taper was devised for a reason!!! Hopefully see you on the big day.
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Rob johnson-pro triathlete
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