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 West Midlands Adult Series

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te west midlands

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PostSubject: West Midlands Adult Series   West Midlands Adult Series EmptyTue May 25, 2010 12:10 pm

Just in case you haven't seen this!

Details of the TE West Midlands Adult Series 2010. The Adult series, together with The Triathlon England West Midlands Region Adult Club League, will be run in a similar way to the successful Junior series.

The main points are;

To enter the West Midlands Region Adult Series 2010 the registration form must be submitted by 6 June 2010. Anyone who registers for the series before 6th June and has already completed BCT Sprint & Three Spires will have these results included in their overall score - just remember to send the details to Michelle.

If you enter the series after this date points will not be awarded for races prior to registration.

· You must be registered for the Series.

· You must either be a member of a West Midlands Club or live in the region.

· You must not be qualified for a place in a Great Britain Elite or Age Group team.

· Age on 31st December 2010 determines category for whole year. Minimum age is 17.

· We have chosen races at a variety of different competitive levels, spread across the West Midlands.

· Points are scored for your position within your age group.

· Your best three results are counted from the events below.

· Remember to submit your results to Michelle Mahiques, Adult Series Co-ordinator, before 1 October 2010.

· There is a first place trophy for each category winner to be presented at the West Midlands Annual Awards (5 December).

· The categories are: Male Open 17-29, Senior Male 30-39, Male 40-49, Male 50-59, Male 60+, Female Open 17-29, Senior Female 30-39, Female 40-49, Female 50-59, Female 60+.

· An award will be given to the competitor (Male or Female) who completes the most number of championship races, regardless of points scored.

For a registration form contact westmidstri@britishtriathlon.org


Rosa Teagle


Sent on behalf of

TE West Midlands Regional Committee
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West Midlands Adult Series
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